Imported in February 2012.After the phenomenal success of Vivant and Conquistador as competition horses and sires we knew our next stallion had to be something very special indeed to continue the job

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A beautiful model, lovely pedigree, modern in type, correct in conformation and talent to burn. Baluga is a licenced Hanovarian stallion, he is performance tested in Germany and scored an impressive 9.05 for his free jumping section.  His Germany name was Bob 44 – so his nickname was obvious, but we did feel this rising star warranted a bit more of memorable competition name! Bob is a charmer. 

Quiet, rideable, intelligent and naturally balanced.  We could not want for more.  He has a super canter and a jump to match. Tonnes of easy scope, great shoulder technique and bascule and as with all round, careful jumpers, developing a lovely back end as he grows in confidence. 

The strength of his jump is phenomenal. He is currently competing at Mini Prix level and moves between 1.30 to 1.40 as the shows dictate. Ridden primarily at home by Helen, (who is old and wise about riding anything with a wicked sense of humour) Bob is a true gentleman. 

He finds training easy, as any good athlete should, and always gives new work a go with a positive and forward thinking attitude.  He has been out dressage to competitions at Elementary and Medium level. He is proving a wonderful sire as well. Prepotent and correct. 

His foals are uphill, great legs and feet, strong and healthy. The oldest are rising three and have broken in showing his wonderful mind and balance. We can’t wait to start riding them.  

Bob does carry a chestnut gene and the sabino gene.  So many have the added bling factor in both bay and chestnuts.